Weekly Message 1/25-1/31

Yes, it is winter now.

So, we can have snowy days in everywhere. 🙂

Here is the message for this week that might be good for this cold weather.

Be calm, and enjoy the quiet time.

When we have a quiet time, sometimes people cannot stand.

Often, people want some company to have some chats and fun.

But, this week, please enjoy the quiet time by yourself when you have.

Having a quiet time gives you some insights on your life, yourself, some situations you are currently in etc.

So, please enjoy and take advantage of this quiet time to get something you normally miss.

And, stay warm. 🙂

Have a beautiful week!!


Heaven and Earth

I just remembered I was said I have Shamanic energy several years ago, and today, again I was said I am Sharman by Peruvian Sharman. 🙂

And, I saw image I lead people as Sharman or some kind of leader in my past life, so yes, I am Sharman, I think.

And, I was said I am reincarnated Angel, so, it does make sense everything what I am doing now.

Connecting to the heaven and grounding to the earth to get message to guide people.

I am glad that I have this path for my life. 🙂



Weekly Message 11/30-12/6

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. 🙂

As we see December start this week, everything is getting fast pace.
People are in rush, busy, bit irritated etc…
But, please your pace, and take your time to get your goals.
We cannot always run or be in rush, and we cannot always follow other people’s paces and opinions.
When you feel you are losing your pace, please remember to take a deep breath and stop what you do or think, and just remember how you always do.
You don’t have to compare anything to others, trust yourself little bit more this week.
And, you will know what Divine Timing is.
Please remember you are the creator of your life. 🙂

Have a great week!!



Weekly Message 11/2-11/8

Letting go of unnecessary things, past memories, way of thinking etc is always important for us, because if we stick on these unserved stuff, we tend to get same result.

If we can let go of these, then we can think and see from different views, and you might get different result faster than usual.

Full-moon last week was pretty much powerful and full-moon is good for releasing.

I believe some of you feel little weak, many past memories and emotions come up from deep inside of you to surface.

Embrace these memories and feeling you had to feel.

Then, lease with lots of appreciations.

You deserve much more good things you had in the past.

Once you can release them, you will see different things in your life.

Believe in yourself that you are much more powerful than you think, and deserve good things.

Have a great week!!


Weekly message 9/21-9/27

There is only love or fear.

We always uncinciously choose either one for your acts and words.

Sometime, we cannot believe love you have, you are offered, you feel, you receive etc, but, please remember if you cannot believe love, it means you choose to live in fears. 

Please just believe love you can see or cannot see. 

Please choose say something from love.

Please do something from love.

Love can heal fears.

Imagine you surrounded by lots of love now.

You will see lots of things changing.

Have a great week!!


Weekly message 9/14-9/20

Mercury retrograde will be starting soon in this week from September 17th to October 9th.

You might experience miscommunication, transportation delay, broken computer, project delayed, review again your contract etc.

Yes, your plan might not go well.

Your meeting might be canceled.

Your flight might be delayed….etc

We easily get frustrated when things are not going smoothly as we planed, but at the same time we always need to think and check if we miss anything.

You might find some better ways to proceed your plan or achieve your goal.

God always has better way to lead us to get what we want, and He is always working behind the scene.

And, when He is working on something for you, usually we cannot see and we get frustrated.

But, if you trust God, then you will get much better things in your life.

Please be patient till you see the result. 🙂

Have a wonderful week!!


Weekly message 9/7-9/13

Sometimes, we worry too much about something we cannot control, or someone who you really love etc.

But, please relax.

How you feel about these things and people who you love, God knows everything.

Just release your worry to God or Angels, and ask them to protect you and your loved ones.

You might not feel the protections you have from God or angels, this is why you worry always.

But, once you trust the protection God gives you and your loved one, then you will know and see how your God and angels always watch over you.

You are the most important person in your life as well as your loved ones.

If you always worry, then please ask God or Angels to release your worries, and thank them always.

You are protected.

Your loved ones are also protected.

Be grateful. 🙂

Have a lovely week!!


NARS Dual Intensity Blush 

NARS is the brand who is famous for blush, Orgasm. 

This spring, the brand launched dual, wet and dry, type blush to create subtle to vivid cheek. The blush colors are really bright and vivid that are NARS mind. 

The colors are really good for your cheek, of course. 🙂 Also, I wanna recommend to use these colors as eyeshadow. 🙂

Be Creative!



pictures from NARS 

Beauty Writer

I just started writing beauty and lifestyle related article to Japanese beauty online site, Beauty-Matome as a beauty writer.

This site is only available in Japanese, but I will write as many as posts here to introduce beauty products and lifestyle news etc.

I appreciate all of the things God has made and given to me.


Beauty Matome