Weekly Message 3/14-3/20

It is like winter again in Tokyo since last week.

But, spring is almost there and we can enjoy cherry blossoms some time soon. 🙂

This year, many events and products will be launching following cherry blossoms from Southern part of Japan to Northern part.

For example, Three, natural cosmetics brand, will launch spring collection start from Kyushu area in middle of March, then Tokyo area would be in the end of March etc.

Also, Chandon, premium sparkling wine, will have collaboration with restaurants all over Japan, and open pop-up bar in Nakameguro to enjoy this season.

So, if you are in Japan in the season, hope you can enjoy the spring with lots of cherry blossoms. 🙂

This week, I got the message to say please know that you are not alone.

Even you feel you are alone, no one understands you, no one support you etc, this is the time to know you are not alone.

We cannot see in that way when we are in dark place, and even cannot see any light, but please remember that your body, your organs, your cells are always working for you without complains.

They are always support you to be you.

They are always give lots of things for you to enjoy the life you have.

They are always with you no matter what.

This is the time to realize these things, and this is the time to connect with yourself more and more.

This week, please talk with yourself more often than you do regularly.

You will see lots of things differently.

Have a great week!!

spring ocean


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