Love one another – The Slav Epic

The Slav Epic is a cycle of 20 huge paintings by Alfons Mucha.

You might know his many works as graphic designer with beautiful ladies and flowers’ motifs of posters for many exhibitions and products.

The Slav Epic was painted after he returned to his home country, Czech Republic between 1910 to 1928.

The Slav Epic cereblates Slavic history.

Each paintings expresses some story, cereblation, reality of war, unity, etc.

Now, we can see them in Tokyo until June 5th, 2017.

However, there is a problem.

Mucha’s grandson concerns about this 2 year tour of The Slav Epic, because repetitive shipping processes cause of damages of the paintings.

I agree and understand.

However, I saw the paintings in Tokyo, and was so amazed and touched.

The paintings are so beautiful and I believe Mucha and these paintings want to tell us uniting nations and people are important things in this world especially at this time.

There are many conflicts between people and nations.

Many people suffer from wars and terrorism.

People live in fears.

So, I understand the concern, however, this is really good time that these paintings go around Tokyo, China, South Korea and the US.

And, I believe this is what God’s amazing part that He provides this for us this timing to tell Peace and love.

No one wants to see countries and people are destoried or suffer.

No one wants to live in constant fear.

So, I hope we all can learn and feel what we need to do now.

Love each other and unite.

This is what we need for our world now.

Japanese Sweets

Matcha has been becoming great trend in outside of Japan now, and I want you to try some of Japanese sweets with it when you are here in Japan, or some of them are really easy to make, so please make them by yourself for you and your family.

Japanese sweets are thought as healthy sweets, since ingredients are red and white bean pastes, rice, Agar, beans, kudzu, yam, etc.

Yes, less fat and more fibers than cake, cookie, chocolate…

And, if you look for gluten free desserts, then Japanese sweets are good for you.

Some Japanese sweets are made with flour, but many of them are not.

But, yes, lots of sugar as same as other desserts, so just be careful when you eat them even they are yummy and healthier. 🙂


Warabi Mochi is for summer time and texture is quite unique that between mochi and jelly.



You can enjoy matcha and Japanese sweets with beautiful garden at tea house in some traditional Japanese gardens.


Anmitsu is like Japanese parfeit.


Sakura mochi is for spring desert, and there are eastern and western style. Western style is made by sticky rice, and eastern style is made by flour looks like crape. The leaf is salted cherry’s leaf.


Kudzu kiri is good for himid and hot summer that brings freshness to you.


Joyo Manju is like steamed ban made by yam and inside is lots of bean paste. Yam makes texture mor moist.


Typical Japanese sweets for tea ceremony. Beautiful style presents seasons.

Weekly Message 3/14-3/20

It is like winter again in Tokyo since last week.

But, spring is almost there and we can enjoy cherry blossoms some time soon. 🙂

This year, many events and products will be launching following cherry blossoms from Southern part of Japan to Northern part.

For example, Three, natural cosmetics brand, will launch spring collection start from Kyushu area in middle of March, then Tokyo area would be in the end of March etc.

Also, Chandon, premium sparkling wine, will have collaboration with restaurants all over Japan, and open pop-up bar in Nakameguro to enjoy this season.

So, if you are in Japan in the season, hope you can enjoy the spring with lots of cherry blossoms. 🙂

This week, I got the message to say please know that you are not alone.

Even you feel you are alone, no one understands you, no one support you etc, this is the time to know you are not alone.

We cannot see in that way when we are in dark place, and even cannot see any light, but please remember that your body, your organs, your cells are always working for you without complains.

They are always support you to be you.

They are always give lots of things for you to enjoy the life you have.

They are always with you no matter what.

This is the time to realize these things, and this is the time to connect with yourself more and more.

This week, please talk with yourself more often than you do regularly.

You will see lots of things differently.

Have a great week!!

spring ocean


Tea ceremony in park

If you have a chance to visit Japan and if you wanna try to enjoy tea ceremony, outside tea ceremony is good for you.

You can enjoy Macha and Japanese sweet with casual manner of real tea ceremony.

If you are interested, please try to find it when you are in Japan. 🙂


Organic Vegetable Cake-Potager-

I love cake, but I also want to think healthy life style and healthy eating habit.
So, if I can find some guilty free cake, I am happy. 🙂
And here is the cafe where you can eat organic vegetable cake.
As you can imagine, ingredients are organic vegetables, such as carrot, tomato, pumpkin, avocado, ginger etc.

Some cakes taste really veggies, but some are not.
So, if you are interested and in Tokyo area, please try. 🙂



Plastic food sample

If you have been to Japan, you probably have a chance to see many food samples at windows of restaurants in Japan.
Even you cannot understand the language, you can know what kind of foods you can have by food samples. 🙂
Sometimes, some restaurants use real food, but many of restaurants here plastic one.
Next time, when you are here, please check these samples and you will be amazed how these are look like real of more than real foods.
You can also find some souvenirs and DIY sample set at some souvenir shops and food sample shops. 🙂

Ganso Sample Ya