Psychic Counseling and Healing

We all have life.

Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter.
Sometimes up, sometimes down.
Sometimes simple, sometimes complicated.
Sometimes clear, sometimes confused.

I provide hints to improve your life to be happier by psychic reading.

Friend of mine once said that people always come to me to get advices.

Available by ZOOM or phone consultation.

Please reach me through the contact form at Contact page with your 3 preferred time and date options.

I will schedule your consultation and send the Paypal information for the payment.

Cancellation fee will be applied after your schedule is confirmed.

Certifications for healing work:

  • Visionary Intuitive Healing® Level 1, 2 and 3
  • Quantum Leap-Sharpening your tools 
  • Balinese Healing Chakras: License from Department of Education, Youth and Sports Kota Denpasar
  • Certified Karma Removal Practitioner: Certified by In-Light-Ment


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