Gorgeous Super Flower Moon-with your soul

Full moon in May is always special. Bright, gorgeous and powerful. Even in this time, the full moon is there to watch over us to tell love and humanity we should have.

Whenever you are in this world, and whatever happens in your life, the moon is there with peace.

Just look up. Your life might not be so bright now, but, this is a chance to found your blessings now in this situation.

Our souls planed lessons we learn in our life before we were born. So, what your soul’s plan for you. What your soul wants to tell you now. Take a moment and feel it. Answer is always in you.

Rainbow bridge with Super Flower Moon

Merry Merry Makeup!

Holiday season is fun that I can find many interesting things.
One of the fun things I found this year is the event held by Shiseido.
Merry Merry Makeup!
The event exhibited some art works by their makeup artists, fashion shows, lipstick consultation, etc…
Unfortunately, the event is closed today, but if you have a chance next time in Tokyo, it worthy to visit.

Based on consultation by a professional makeup artist, I got Shiseido Makeup Lacquer Rouge VI 418.
Pinkish violet that makes your face radiant. 🙂

Happy Holidays!