Weekly Message for 10/28-11/3

This week starts from new moon in Scorpion.

I feel lots of new energy coming in.

The message I got for this week is quite timely for this new moon energy.

I saw lots of ships on the ocean in beautiful sunset.

The image is to say something might close but that is just for a sign to prepare for your new endeavors.

Yes, there might be some storms on your ways, but it will be so beautiful and so refreshing.

This new journeys will provide tremendous things and awarenesses to you to reach your new destinations.

So, do not be afraid when to new opportunities coming in your life this week.

These are for you to grow more and more with lots of wisdoms.

So, bon voyage!

Don’t forget God and Angels are always with you.

Have a happy week!

Free from your past

I believe we all have some past experiences that we hardly forget or forgive.

But, somehow we manage to live now and move forward to what you wanna be.

But, sometimes, people cannot forget what happened to them.

How other people hurt them.

Then, stack the situations and emotions.

Usually, it causes of physical or mental illness eventually or cannot see some other good things available for them.

So, their energies are stack in the pasts.

Pasts hunt them or they choose to be in the pasts.

Either way, it is not healthy at all.

Some people choose to take counseling or healing session.

But, some are not.

One thing I can say is whether you take counseling or not, take healing or not, or don’t take any help, please forgive what happened in your pasts.

We cannot change what happened in the pasts.

Only we can do is whether you can move on with peace and love or without them or stack in the pasts.

Which one you wanna choose?

I write about forgiveness many times, but there is a reason.

Forgiving something and someone is quite difficult, but quite powerful.

Again, forgiving something and someone does not mean you lose or you have to get along with someone who hurt you.

Just let them go.

And, choose new path you can get with love and light.

And, forgiveness is one of great love you can give.

When you can forgive what happened in your pasts including your past lives, your life will be much lighter and your life will be filled with more love from God.

So, again please forgive.

Weekly Message 6/19-6/25

The day is coming so prepare it.

The day is near.

This is what I got for this week.

You might expect something good happens for long time, but have not see anything yet?

Then, you might see some light this week that what you have done so far and what you want to see in your life.

Life is not always bitter, but sweet.

You might feel that you don’t have anyone, or anything.

You might be in dark place or grey zone for long time that makes you feel abandoned.

You might feel nothing happens to you like what others enjoy.

But, you are always watched over by many angels and God.

I hope you enjoy what your life brings to your life.

Have a wonderful week!

Weekly Message 3/14-3/20

It is like winter again in Tokyo since last week.

But, spring is almost there and we can enjoy cherry blossoms some time soon. 🙂

This year, many events and products will be launching following cherry blossoms from Southern part of Japan to Northern part.

For example, Three, natural cosmetics brand, will launch spring collection start from Kyushu area in middle of March, then Tokyo area would be in the end of March etc.

Also, Chandon, premium sparkling wine, will have collaboration with restaurants all over Japan, and open pop-up bar in Nakameguro to enjoy this season.

So, if you are in Japan in the season, hope you can enjoy the spring with lots of cherry blossoms. 🙂

This week, I got the message to say please know that you are not alone.

Even you feel you are alone, no one understands you, no one support you etc, this is the time to know you are not alone.

We cannot see in that way when we are in dark place, and even cannot see any light, but please remember that your body, your organs, your cells are always working for you without complains.

They are always support you to be you.

They are always give lots of things for you to enjoy the life you have.

They are always with you no matter what.

This is the time to realize these things, and this is the time to connect with yourself more and more.

This week, please talk with yourself more often than you do regularly.

You will see lots of things differently.

Have a great week!!

spring ocean