Weekly message 3/7-3/13

Spring is my one of favorite seasons in a year. 

Well, actually, I like summer, autumn and winter. 🙂

Here we have message for this year.

You might think you are small and not shining at all.

You might envy other people who are shining.

Here is the question.

Why do you think you are small and not shining?

You might think you are different from others, you might be said that you are not enough or not good etc.

Sometimes, people or even your parents or siblings say some not good things to you, and you just believe.

But, please be free from these beriefs.

You are bigger than you think and you can shine much brighter than now.

Just ask what you believe about you to yourself and say thank you to these beliefs. 

Then, you will be shining and glowing much stronger, and will be enjoining the light you have.

Have a awesome week!!


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