Weekly Message 3/28-4/3

I love spring season and I love Easter.

Here we have spring season actually started. 🙂

If you want to see cherry blossoms in Japan, this is the time to visit and see them.

This week, if you start something new, or have started etc, please check what you have done for these new things.

You might start or have started new work, move to somewhere, be into new relationships, reconcile with someone etc, please see what you have done so far to get this stage of your life.

You will feel more satisfactions, excitements, happiness etc more than you feel now.

If you do something you usually do, well, still see how you do, what you do so far, then you will find something new things in your life or something new will start some time soon.

It does not matter what you start or want to start, the point is put effort into that once again, then you will see something special in your life.


Have a great week!!


Tokyo Tower Mar 2016


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