Weekly message 7/4-7/10

Happy July 4th!

The Independence Day is one of my favorite days in year. 🙂

I miss lots of fireworks on this day!

Here is the message for this week.

Please look up the sky to see lots of stars.

You are one of them, and you have lots of lights in you.

Each star has different lights and features , but we tend to not see what we have in ourselves.

This week, please remember you are star. 🙂

Have a beautiful week!

Weekly Message 5/16-5/22

We, human, can learn, and this is why we can do many things.

But, sometimes, learning something is not useful for our life.

For example, if you have something not good memories, feelings, then, you learn to protect yourself to be hurt again.

But, maybe, we sometimes forget what happened in the past.

Because, past is past, and where  we are here is present.

And, it does not always happen same thing as you experienced in your past.

So, please open your heart little bit more where you always close your heart.

You don’t have to open fully at this moment, but just little.

Then, if you remember or some pain comes up, then please say  ‘thank you always being with me.’ ‘ this memories are from past, and these are not for me anymore.’ etc.

Then, what will happen is that you might receive what you want little by little.

Have a great week!!



Weekly message 5/8-5/14

Here is the message I have got for this week. ‘Be safe. Step Ahead.’

This week, please think one step ahead every step you want to take in work, your life, your relationship etc.

It means that especially this week Mercury is retrograded, so communication, transportation, system etc might be delayed, not move as we plan etc, but if you know this, then you can leave earlier than you usually do at home to work, appointment, meeting etc, or you can backup your system to save your data before something happens, or you can think plan B to reach your goal.

So, just think other ways to get your goals this week.

And, if you have a plan to travel this week, then please have a safe trip, and enjoy!

Have a great week!

flowers in May


Weekly Message 4/18-4/24

Major earthquakes everywhere since last week.

My college is affected by the earthquakes, so, I have been thinking what I can do for people in Kumamoto.

So, please pray for people in Kumamoto, Oita, and also Ecuador.

Here is the message for this week.

Please keep your hope.

Sometimes, we cannot see the light in the dark night, and just afraid.

But, please have faith and keep your hopes as your light in your dark time.

It is hard to keep hope when you are in trouble or have difficult time, but if you have hope you can overcome something.

So, please don’s lose your hope in any situations.

Lights from the sky


Weekly Message 4/4-4/10

Take back your power! 

This is the message I got for this week for you.

Changing season, changing environment etc make you feel weak sometimes.

But, remember you are the powerful person and you have to remember it.

Sometimes, it is not easy to remember it, and just want to give up everything you have, but you have your power, and waiting for you to realize and use.

So, take a deep breath when you feel weak, or lost etc, then remember who you are, and you have a power.

You are amazing and beautiful. 

Please remember these things whenever you can.

Have a awesome week!!


Weekly Message 3/28-4/3

I love spring season and I love Easter.

Here we have spring season actually started. 🙂

If you want to see cherry blossoms in Japan, this is the time to visit and see them.

This week, if you start something new, or have started etc, please check what you have done for these new things.

You might start or have started new work, move to somewhere, be into new relationships, reconcile with someone etc, please see what you have done so far to get this stage of your life.

You will feel more satisfactions, excitements, happiness etc more than you feel now.

If you do something you usually do, well, still see how you do, what you do so far, then you will find something new things in your life or something new will start some time soon.

It does not matter what you start or want to start, the point is put effort into that once again, then you will see something special in your life.


Have a great week!!


Tokyo Tower Mar 2016


Weekly Message 3/14-3/20

It is like winter again in Tokyo since last week.

But, spring is almost there and we can enjoy cherry blossoms some time soon. 🙂

This year, many events and products will be launching following cherry blossoms from Southern part of Japan to Northern part.

For example, Three, natural cosmetics brand, will launch spring collection start from Kyushu area in middle of March, then Tokyo area would be in the end of March etc.

Also, Chandon, premium sparkling wine, will have collaboration with restaurants all over Japan, and open pop-up bar in Nakameguro to enjoy this season.

So, if you are in Japan in the season, hope you can enjoy the spring with lots of cherry blossoms. 🙂

This week, I got the message to say please know that you are not alone.

Even you feel you are alone, no one understands you, no one support you etc, this is the time to know you are not alone.

We cannot see in that way when we are in dark place, and even cannot see any light, but please remember that your body, your organs, your cells are always working for you without complains.

They are always support you to be you.

They are always give lots of things for you to enjoy the life you have.

They are always with you no matter what.

This is the time to realize these things, and this is the time to connect with yourself more and more.

This week, please talk with yourself more often than you do regularly.

You will see lots of things differently.

Have a great week!!

spring ocean


Weekly Message 2/22-2/28

I can feel spring in the air in Tokyo now. 🙂

Still, sometimes weather is not so warm, but slowly getting warmer.

This week, please trust more other people.

Sometimes, it is really difficult to trust others, if you have hurt in the past, or if you simply always doubt others, or you might not be able to trust yourself so that you cannot trust others.

But, we need to trust others to give some work when you are away from work, we need to trust others to take care of your kids during school days, we need to trust your loved ones that they love you…

Trusting others and yourself requires opening your heart, otherwise, we cannot trust.

This week, please remember to open your heart little more to trust yourself and others.

You will feel some warmth like spring air in your life this week.

Have a great week!





Weekly Message 2/15-2/21

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, friends or with yourself. 🙂

This week, I can see light through darkness.

Like light in a cave, or like Crux in the dark night.

What you are going through will have a new phase.

Now, you might not see anything, but during this week, you will see some light that you are walking right path.

So, please believe in yourself and what you are doing.

I see calm ocean with a big ship and Crux to wait a dawn.

You are the ship in the ocean, and will reach where you wanna go after the night.

The light you will see is the sign and the lighthouse.

Please keep walking. 🙂

Have a beautiful week!!


Weekly Message 1/25-1/31

Yes, it is winter now.

So, we can have snowy days in everywhere. 🙂

Here is the message for this week that might be good for this cold weather.

Be calm, and enjoy the quiet time.

When we have a quiet time, sometimes people cannot stand.

Often, people want some company to have some chats and fun.

But, this week, please enjoy the quiet time by yourself when you have.

Having a quiet time gives you some insights on your life, yourself, some situations you are currently in etc.

So, please enjoy and take advantage of this quiet time to get something you normally miss.

And, stay warm. 🙂

Have a beautiful week!!