Weekly Message 10/10-10/16

Here is the message for this week.

It seems like your world is not bright at all.

No fun, no bright future, no good things etc..

But, is this true?

When we are in dark place, or we think we are in dark place, then our world is like hopeless.

But, actually the message for this week says, your world is not bad as it seems.

You might not realize or not be able to see now, but your future is actually full of colors, loves and joys.

What you need now is believe in yourself more and more.

When you feel your shadow, maybe, you cannot feel you can believe anyone including yourself.

But, if you do not believe in yourself, then who can believe you.

So, please start from yourself, because, when you believe in yourself fully, then your world turns to much brighter and colorful, and you will not choose unhappiness.

Sometimes, you choose unhappiness, because you want to prove that you are not worthy enough to have any happiness.

And, this comes from low self esteem,  and lack of trust of yourself and self-love.

So, please start believe in yourself first.

How you see your world, and how you color your life are depends on you.

Have a beautiful week!

will in Summer.jpg



Weekly message 9/12-9/18

Yes, it is fall season now, and we can have many rainy days in Japan during fall.

Still hot, but I can feel some fall things from everywhere, like I can see many fall fruits, and color cosmetics for AW season etc.

I hope you enjoy beginning of fall season.

The message I got for this week is you might want to wait till you can get used to.

You might just start some new project, or new work, moving into new house etc, and you might be frustrating from things you cannot get used to quickly.

Yes, because everything is different from your old or familiar things, but let give you or other people more time.

You or other people just need a time to know what is going on, or how to use it, or how to deal with it etc.

So, don’t get frustrated.

Yes, we adults tend to get angry or frustrated really easily, because we think we have experiences, or we have knowledge etc, but I think when you are a child, maybe different.

You were probably excited by learning new things, using new equipment etc.

So, during this week, please remember when you were a child or talk to little you in you.

You might find good solutions to your struggles, or get some patience, or some peace with the situation you are in.

Have a great week!


Japanese Sweets

Matcha has been becoming great trend in outside of Japan now, and I want you to try some of Japanese sweets with it when you are here in Japan, or some of them are really easy to make, so please make them by yourself for you and your family.

Japanese sweets are thought as healthy sweets, since ingredients are red and white bean pastes, rice, Agar, beans, kudzu, yam, etc.

Yes, less fat and more fibers than cake, cookie, chocolate…

And, if you look for gluten free desserts, then Japanese sweets are good for you.

Some Japanese sweets are made with flour, but many of them are not.

But, yes, lots of sugar as same as other desserts, so just be careful when you eat them even they are yummy and healthier. 🙂


Warabi Mochi is for summer time and texture is quite unique that between mochi and jelly.



You can enjoy matcha and Japanese sweets with beautiful garden at tea house in some traditional Japanese gardens.


Anmitsu is like Japanese parfeit.


Sakura mochi is for spring desert, and there are eastern and western style. Western style is made by sticky rice, and eastern style is made by flour looks like crape. The leaf is salted cherry’s leaf.


Kudzu kiri is good for himid and hot summer that brings freshness to you.


Joyo Manju is like steamed ban made by yam and inside is lots of bean paste. Yam makes texture mor moist.


Typical Japanese sweets for tea ceremony. Beautiful style presents seasons.

Weekly Message 7/25-7/31

The last week of July 2016!

In Tokyo, rainy season is over, but still we have some rain. 🙂

This week, please think again what your most important thing for your life.

Sometimes, we forget most important thing for you and ignore it, makes the thing second best etc, but if you continue to do that, then your most important thing will be changed as you might understand.

So, this week, please think again and take care your most important thing as it is.

Please do not be hesitate to do that, because I believe you want to keep your most important thing for your life for your future. 🙂

This might be your loved ones, your children, your family, your friends, your health, your work etc.

So, please think about it this week!


Have a great week!!


flower July 2016

Weekly message 7/4-7/10

Happy July 4th!

The Independence Day is one of my favorite days in year. 🙂

I miss lots of fireworks on this day!

Here is the message for this week.

Please look up the sky to see lots of stars.

You are one of them, and you have lots of lights in you.

Each star has different lights and features , but we tend to not see what we have in ourselves.

This week, please remember you are star. 🙂

Have a beautiful week!

Weekly Message 5/16-5/22

We, human, can learn, and this is why we can do many things.

But, sometimes, learning something is not useful for our life.

For example, if you have something not good memories, feelings, then, you learn to protect yourself to be hurt again.

But, maybe, we sometimes forget what happened in the past.

Because, past is past, and where  we are here is present.

And, it does not always happen same thing as you experienced in your past.

So, please open your heart little bit more where you always close your heart.

You don’t have to open fully at this moment, but just little.

Then, if you remember or some pain comes up, then please say  ‘thank you always being with me.’ ‘ this memories are from past, and these are not for me anymore.’ etc.

Then, what will happen is that you might receive what you want little by little.

Have a great week!!



Weekly message 5/8-5/14

Here is the message I have got for this week. ‘Be safe. Step Ahead.’

This week, please think one step ahead every step you want to take in work, your life, your relationship etc.

It means that especially this week Mercury is retrograded, so communication, transportation, system etc might be delayed, not move as we plan etc, but if you know this, then you can leave earlier than you usually do at home to work, appointment, meeting etc, or you can backup your system to save your data before something happens, or you can think plan B to reach your goal.

So, just think other ways to get your goals this week.

And, if you have a plan to travel this week, then please have a safe trip, and enjoy!

Have a great week!

flowers in May