Weekly Message 2/6-2/12

Superbowl finished and am happy that Patriots won!

Yes, I was in Boston for my business school, so I am a Pats fan!

Well, last Saturday was the first day of Spring in Japan, and this was thought like New Year’s day in ancient time.

So, this might affect some people energetically cause of cold, fever, headache, sleepiness etc. Or, angry, sadness, loneliness etc

This is just because you are sensitive to energy change, and try to release unnecessary stuff from you. So, take care of yourself well during this time of year, since it is also flu season.

This is the message for this week that take care of yourself well.

Sometimes, we forget to take care of ourselves and just focus on taking care of others more.

Sometimes, this is sign of acting out that there are something you need to look at in your heart to release.

 But, you do not want to see your shadows, so you focus on just helping people to avoid looking at them. (Well, of course, this is not all the case. So, you really need to be honest with yourself to find out.) 

But, if you continue to act out, you will get something you don’t wanna get, such as diseases or some loses as a chance to give us realize what we are doing.

I don’t believe we wanna get theses things. 

So, this week, please release things no longer serve you as much as you can, and prepare to receive better and happier things in your life.

Because, you deserve happiness and love.

Have a great week!!



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