Weekly Message 5/16-5/22

We, human, can learn, and this is why we can do many things.

But, sometimes, learning something is not useful for our life.

For example, if you have something not good memories, feelings, then, you learn to protect yourself to be hurt again.

But, maybe, we sometimes forget what happened in the past.

Because, past is past, and where  we are here is present.

And, it does not always happen same thing as you experienced in your past.

So, please open your heart little bit more where you always close your heart.

You don’t have to open fully at this moment, but just little.

Then, if you remember or some pain comes up, then please say  ‘thank you always being with me.’ ‘ this memories are from past, and these are not for me anymore.’ etc.

Then, what will happen is that you might receive what you want little by little.

Have a great week!!



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