Weekly Message 5/23-5/29

It is like summer in Tokyo.

Wonderful sunshine and beautiful sky.

Fresh green leaves and colorful flowers.

Message for this week is “this world is amazing place” 

When we have problems, when we just lose confidence, when we just think something is wrong, then you cannot see world as a gift from God, beautiful creatures are just live as it is.

When you cannot see this world as beautiful world, then your heart is hurt or remembers some dark days from the past.

Past is past, again this is the message for last week, and when you remember something not good memories, then just let them go with lots of appreciations.

And, also forgive yourself that you have  not realized heaviness you have had, and thank yourself and treat you well.

Life is maybe not always sweet, but not always bitter.

But, we have to choose which one you want to hold in your heart. 

So, please decide be happy and see beauties in this world.

This world is amazing and your life is amazing because you are the main character of your life.

So, please write your movie as beautiful in this awesome place. 

Have a great week!!

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