Weekly Message 5/30-6/5

We are now in the last week of May and beginning of June.

Here is the message for this week.

Go outside to feel and touch more natures.

Those who live in cities, we tend to forget to connect to our beautiful earth and natures.

When we disconnect to them, we tend to feel stress more than we don’t need.

So, this week, please go to the natures to feel more beautiful and positive energies from them.

If you are not able to go somewhere lots of greens or flowers etc, then buy flowers or greens for your room, or crystals.

Crystals are parts of our earth, if you see in this way, then you will get lots of benefits from them.

Crystals are not just a stone, but if you treat them well, then, they will show what they have for you.

If you have dog, cat or some other animals with you, then play with them. 🙂

You will feel more refreshing after you play with them.

Have a beautiful week!!

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