Weekly Message 7/15-7/21

Mercury is in retrograde till August 1st.

So, during the time, there are many opportunities of meeting old friends or someone who you even don’t expect to see.

And, there are some chances of miscommunications, delayed responses or schedules etc.

Just we have a chance to review any materials more throughly than usual or communicate more clearly and make sure understanding is mutual by everyone involved etc.

And, on 16th/17th, we will have full moon with partial lunar eclipse.

In ancient time, eclipse was thought not good omen, but now, many people try to watch this solar events.

So, here is the question.

If you were living in ancient times, you would thought this was bad or terrified, but now if you can watch it, then, you might think you are lucky or amused.


Because, circumstances, situations, environments are totally different, and we have knowledge about eclipses.

So, even sun or moon is hidden, we don’t have to worry or be scared of darkness or strange color of moon.

And, the Universe has continued to ask you to expand your world and consciousness, and to keep your mind open, and change your views to see things.

Everything is not one side, but has many different sides like moon. (One day we cannot see moon but one day we see some crescent and whole circle.)

So, see things from the other sides, change your views and see what you can find.

Maybe, it is not big thing, and not so impressive or amazing, but, when you continue to expand your mind and world, you will find some fascinating results in the end.

Have a lovely week!

Weekly Message 5/30-6/5

We are now in the last week of May and beginning of June.

Here is the message for this week.

Go outside to feel and touch more natures.

Those who live in cities, we tend to forget to connect to our beautiful earth and natures.

When we disconnect to them, we tend to feel stress more than we don’t need.

So, this week, please go to the natures to feel more beautiful and positive energies from them.

If you are not able to go somewhere lots of greens or flowers etc, then buy flowers or greens for your room, or crystals.

Crystals are parts of our earth, if you see in this way, then you will get lots of benefits from them.

Crystals are not just a stone, but if you treat them well, then, they will show what they have for you.

If you have dog, cat or some other animals with you, then play with them. 🙂

You will feel more refreshing after you play with them.

Have a beautiful week!!

Weekly message 2/1-2/7

I can see long road in somewhere lots of natures, like mauntains, trees, flowers etc.

Your road might not be paved, might be lots of stones etc…but, remember, please keep continue to walk.

If you are tired, just take a rest and have nice meals and drink. 

Just don’t forget to keep walking.

When you continue what you do, you will see what you want, what you wanna reach.

What you do will take you wherever you wanna go.

So, please keep walking and see flowers and blue sky when you are tired.

You are now on the right path.

Have a great week!