Message for December 2018

December is coming soon.

Probably many people think and plan about Christmas and New Year.

Message I have got for this December, you will see new doors open.

When one door close, then, another door will be opened.

You might be bit sad, but, do not worry, when new year comes, you will see something new coming in your way.

Your way has not been easy or smooth as you wish, but, there are always reasons.

You climb high mountain, this is why you can see beautiful views that you cannot see from the bottom of the mountain.

So, if you feel your life is tough, then, remember that you are climbing high mountain. Higher mountain than before.

So, do not worry anything, you will find many happiness and blessings than you think now.

Life is amazing.

We all need something to go through to grow beautifully.

So, don’t give up anything you wish and dream of.

And, don’t give up on you.

December is one of the months for cleaning up.

So, release as much as you can from you to have more beautiful things in life.

You don’t wanna carry anything no longer serve you.

So, just release anything that no longer serve you, and appreciate them to keep you as you were. Then, welcome new to be real you.


Message from 9/10-9/16

September started and feels like time is flying!

How is your life so far after this year’s eclipse season finished last month?

The eclipse season was quite intense this year, and you might pushed to release no longer serve you or see what you don’t wanna see.

It is good things.

Because, now you have a space for new good things. 🙂

But, still you might go through rough patch, but it is a time to adjust to new energy you have got.

And, even you feel not so bright, things will be better, and remember God is always in charge.

Even you don’t know Him, He is always with you and in charge.

So, relax and be optimistic.

When you trust God, then, eventually you will find peace in you.

And, you will go through with it and have better brighter things in your life.

God got your back!

Have a beautiful week!

Free from your past

I believe we all have some past experiences that we hardly forget or forgive.

But, somehow we manage to live now and move forward to what you wanna be.

But, sometimes, people cannot forget what happened to them.

How other people hurt them.

Then, stack the situations and emotions.

Usually, it causes of physical or mental illness eventually or cannot see some other good things available for them.

So, their energies are stack in the pasts.

Pasts hunt them or they choose to be in the pasts.

Either way, it is not healthy at all.

Some people choose to take counseling or healing session.

But, some are not.

One thing I can say is whether you take counseling or not, take healing or not, or don’t take any help, please forgive what happened in your pasts.

We cannot change what happened in the pasts.

Only we can do is whether you can move on with peace and love or without them or stack in the pasts.

Which one you wanna choose?

I write about forgiveness many times, but there is a reason.

Forgiving something and someone is quite difficult, but quite powerful.

Again, forgiving something and someone does not mean you lose or you have to get along with someone who hurt you.

Just let them go.

And, choose new path you can get with love and light.

And, forgiveness is one of great love you can give.

When you can forgive what happened in your pasts including your past lives, your life will be much lighter and your life will be filled with more love from God.

So, again please forgive.

Weekly message 8/8-8/14

This week starts from Lions Gate opening.

This is the time to acceralate asencion.

This gateway is open till August 12th.

So, this week is big special for everyone, I think. 

The message for you this week is : clear your energy.

We are all created by energy.

All we have in this world is energy and we always keep these energy clean.

Especially, in this week, the gate is open, so that there are many chance to clear what you don’t need anymore.

Be aware what is no longer serve you and what you need from now.

These might be thought, beliefs, way of thinking, attitude and behavior.

When you realize these unnecessary stuff, and when you can let them go, then, you will find and can have new stuff.

August is still summer but also we can feel Fall sometimes, so prepare your summer to blossom in Fall. 
Have a beautiful week!

Let go-message of new moon

Do you have any attachment with anything?
It is not necessary to be possessions.
It might be feeling, fears, old emotions, beliefs etc…

You might believe you are not capable for what you wanna do.
You might believe you are not smart enough.
You might still have sadness from past experiences…

We sometimes really believe what people tell about you, or continue to believe what you felt in your childhood or from experiences of being in harsh circumstances…
But, if you feel, you want to change and these are no longer serve you, then just let them go…
You do not need to attach on anything you do not want to keep.
You just let them go, and change your perceptions toward what you have seen.
It might be difficult at the beginning, but when you decide you let them go, you will be able to do that.

Everything is coming from inside of you.
Love yourself and understand who you really are.

It is new moon and solar eclipse today, so I got this message for you. 🙂