Weekly message 11/23-11/29

As Thanksgiving is coming this week, many of them are heading home to see your families and friends, I think.

Maybe, some of them do not cerebrate Thanksgiving in your country like Japan, but I hope you use this week to feel what God is doing behind the scene.

Because, what the message of this week is ‘you are watched over’.

Always, when we are in difficult situations, have problems etc, we tend to think ‘there is no God for me’ ‘No one helps me’ etc…

I understand that.

But, when you look back your life may be 5 years later or 10 years later, then suddenly you will understand the reason why you have such a difficulty in your life.

In this week, those who cerebrate Thanksgiving or who don’t, please thank and appreciate what you have now, and you will feel you are safe, loved, protected, and guided by God or Angels or whatever you believe. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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