Weekly Message 11/18-11/24

Mercury Retrograde is almost finish, I hope you have had a good reflection time and meet some old friends during this time of period.

I feel this time of Mercury Retrograde, I have had a good healing experiences. Old wounds have come up, but, they were ready to go. So, even some points I had a hard time to release, this time it was easier, thanks to Mercury Retrograde.

Releasing old wounds is not scary things, just you might need some courage to see and feel again what you experienced in the past. Once you release, you are free from the past.

So, don’t be scared when your old pains come up. It is just a sign that you are ready to release.

The message I got for this week is “Gratitude. Appreciate what you have and what you don’t have now.”

I think this message is quite good timing for this week since Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner.

We easily forget to thank what we have and think we have nothing.

But, is it true?

Happiness is choice, so if you only focus and see what you don’t have, the , you cannot be happier anytime soon.

But, when you appreciate what you have and what even you don’t have, the life is much brighter.

And, here is law of attraction, if you appreciate your life, you will attract more things you will appreciate.

So, say thank you for what you have and you don’t have now. And, say thank you to people in your life for both good and bad.

Even you have some people who give you difficult time, they are giving you some lessons that you need to learn. And they chose the roles to be hated. So, thank to them, too, in your heart.

So, Thank Everything in your life this week.

Have a lovely week!

Weekly message 11/23-11/29

As Thanksgiving is coming this week, many of them are heading home to see your families and friends, I think.

Maybe, some of them do not cerebrate Thanksgiving in your country like Japan, but I hope you use this week to feel what God is doing behind the scene.

Because, what the message of this week is ‘you are watched over’.

Always, when we are in difficult situations, have problems etc, we tend to think ‘there is no God for me’ ‘No one helps me’ etc…

I understand that.

But, when you look back your life may be 5 years later or 10 years later, then suddenly you will understand the reason why you have such a difficulty in your life.

In this week, those who cerebrate Thanksgiving or who don’t, please thank and appreciate what you have now, and you will feel you are safe, loved, protected, and guided by God or Angels or whatever you believe. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!!