Weekly message 11/16-11/22

During this weekend, many people have responded what happened in Paris.

This makes me really sad, and I still cannot believe there are people who can do this to innocent people.

But, the message repeatedly has come to me for this week is “what can you do for this?”

This does not mean we must take big action to what happens in Paris and some other areas, but, what we can do for our daily life.

We are all connected uncincious level, so that when we do something nice and kind, it will go further and further like water rings.

So, please say kind words to people, pick garbage on the street, help people, give up your seat for people who need etc…

Sometimes, it is difficult to do these things when you are angry at something or someone, or you might just ignore garbage you see on the street, or just you don’t wanna see….

Please do something nice to people, environment and our Earth with your love. 

And, Of course, please pray for Paris and this World. 


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