Weekly Message 11/2-11/8

Letting go of unnecessary things, past memories, way of thinking etc is always important for us, because if we stick on these unserved stuff, we tend to get same result.

If we can let go of these, then we can think and see from different views, and you might get different result faster than usual.

Full-moon last week was pretty much powerful and full-moon is good for releasing.

I believe some of you feel little weak, many past memories and emotions come up from deep inside of you to surface.

Embrace these memories and feeling you had to feel.

Then, lease with lots of appreciations.

You deserve much more good things you had in the past.

Once you can release them, you will see different things in your life.

Believe in yourself that you are much more powerful than you think, and deserve good things.

Have a great week!!


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