Tea ceremony in park

If you have a chance to visit Japan and if you wanna try to enjoy tea ceremony, outside tea ceremony is good for you.

You can enjoy Macha and Japanese sweet with casual manner of real tea ceremony.

If you are interested, please try to find it when you are in Japan. 🙂


Blue Moon

 Appreciate yourself more, and you will know how much other people appreciate who you are. 

Everything is coming from you, if so, what do you wanna see in your world? 

You are the main cast in your life.

Write your story with love, joy and happiness.

Have a great blue moon. 🙂


Happy Mother’s Day

For all of mothers in this world. 🙂

Moondust is blue carnation created by Suntry.

Looks more like purple, but the meaning of this flower is “eternal happiness”.

We easily forget about what we have and take them for granted, but maybe we can remember what make us happy when we see beautiful flowers.

For everybody’s happiness.