Weekly Message 6/19-6/25

The day is coming so prepare it.

The day is near.

This is what I got for this week.

You might expect something good happens for long time, but have not see anything yet?

Then, you might see some light this week that what you have done so far and what you want to see in your life.

Life is not always bitter, but sweet.

You might feel that you don’t have anyone, or anything.

You might be in dark place or grey zone for long time that makes you feel abandoned.

You might feel nothing happens to you like what others enjoy.

But, you are always watched over by many angels and God.

I hope you enjoy what your life brings to your life.

Have a wonderful week!

Weekly Message 5/15-5/21

Full moon last week was strong and powerful.

You might had some emotional turbulence before and after the full moon, but, this is good thing.

Because, some feelings you ignore or suppressed just came up.

So, please release them.

Then, this week, I feel something new thing will be starting.

Because, when you release old and unnecessary emotions, it means you are ready to experience totally new things, new feelings and new emotions.

So, if you remember some old feelings this week, then release them and welcome new things into your life.

You will love your new journey.

Have a beautiful week!

Weekly message 12/21-12/27

Happy holidays to you all!

The message I received for this week is good fit for this time of year, I think.

The message says find roses in your life.

The meaning is every life whether you realize or not, there are many roses.

Roses are symbol of love, appreciation, happiness, friendship, purity etc.

Many of us often just cannot see these things in life, but if you want to see them, you will find.

If you don’t feel being loved, then just see yourself, if your friends just simply ask you how you feel? When you don’t feel well?

Your loved one might be shy to say I love you, but he/ she always care about you in some ways?

Maybe, your boss always seems he or she is angry but always cover your absence? 

Maybe, just stranger smile you on the street? 

Please find Roses in your life this week, and be roses to others.

Everyone has roses and everyone needs roses in life. 🙂

Happy holidays!!


Weekly message 8/24-8/30

Flowers have strong power for us.

When your family or friends get sick, then you bring flowers to then.

When you want to express love or appreciation, you give flowers.

Always, flowers represent our feeling to people.

Because, flowers are beautiful yet strong natural healers to boost your mood, and change your emotions.

You might really love to be sent them from your loved ones, but this week, please send some flowers to yourself.

You don’t have to get big bouquet, maybe one rose will give you feeling of loved.

So, please get your favorite flower to you this week. 🙂

Have a lovely week!!


Rose Balm

I love rose, so whenever I find something rose, I wanna try. 🙂
This Moroccan style balm contains argan oil and rose and geranium oils to moisturize and make you uplift.
The balm can be used for hair, lips and body, so even you can fly with. 🙂
I think this is really useful.

Please try when you are in Japan and if you are interested.

Rose De Marrakech