Weekly message 12/21-12/27

Happy holidays to you all!

The message I received for this week is good fit for this time of year, I think.

The message says find roses in your life.

The meaning is every life whether you realize or not, there are many roses.

Roses are symbol of love, appreciation, happiness, friendship, purity etc.

Many of us often just cannot see these things in life, but if you want to see them, you will find.

If you don’t feel being loved, then just see yourself, if your friends just simply ask you how you feel? When you don’t feel well?

Your loved one might be shy to say I love you, but he/ she always care about you in some ways?

Maybe, your boss always seems he or she is angry but always cover your absence? 

Maybe, just stranger smile you on the street? 

Please find Roses in your life this week, and be roses to others.

Everyone has roses and everyone needs roses in life. 🙂

Happy holidays!!


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