Guerlain Abeille Royale 

Honey is the food that one of powerful foods and widely used for many purposes. For example, honey is effect to heal lightly burned skin. (Of course, please consult your medical provider when you severy burned.) Sore throat and cough… We can find many products for beauty purpose in these days, and you might know how honey contained products make your skin dewey. 🙂 Guerlain also pays attention the effect honey has, and uses really rare honey produced by black bees. With black bee honey, Guerlain research developed Pure Royal Concentrate to our skin really dewy and glow from within. All of the products in this line are unique and effective, but here my recommendation is Daily Repair Serum. This serum can be combined with your regular regimen, but if you want to maximum the effect, then you want to try with Face Treatment Oil. After Face Treatment Oil, by just one push to apply freshly delivered black bee power, you will notice how your skin becomes dewy and like water balloon. 🙂 G061094_list The picture from Guerlain official site.

Cold Press Juice

Drinking cold press juice helps to boot you.

You might wanna try to replace a cup of coffee in the morning, cold soda with burgers, a chocolate bar or a cookie etc…

You will feel different not so far from when you start. 🙂


Rose Balm

I love rose, so whenever I find something rose, I wanna try. 🙂
This Moroccan style balm contains argan oil and rose and geranium oils to moisturize and make you uplift.
The balm can be used for hair, lips and body, so even you can fly with. 🙂
I think this is really useful.

Please try when you are in Japan and if you are interested.

Rose De Marrakech


Skincare lotion for gum?!

Friend of mine is really kind and she just gave me interesting products to maintain beautiful skin for me and my partner. 🙂

What she gave me is prescribed skincare cream contained 20 times of CoQ 10 than normal Comercial cream, and also some lotion for sensitive skin.

The lotion is safe enough to use for your gum…can you believe that??

The name of the lotion is k2cure that have Developed by Dr. Katsuta.

He has provided two types of lotions, light and enrich, and these are made by 5 main ingredients…

Green tea, corn, coconut, pulp, and water…

I will introduce each ingredient next time with some testimonials from the site. 🙂

Here is the site of the lotion but only Japanese language is available…sorry!


I am looking forward to telling about it to you! 🙂

Making your own massage oil

When you are tired, when you want to relax etc…What would you do?

I usually have a self massage time with my own aroma massage oil…:)

You might think making your own massage oil is kind of difficult or do not have time etc…

But, it is really simple if you know what kind of aroma oils you like and want to use for you.

I use Calendula oil as a base oil, and put some my favorite oils into it.

Calendula is a Marigold.

You might know the yellow flowers on the field, and amazingly the extract of this flowers have anti-viral, anti-genotoxic, and anti-inflammatory properties.
Since ancient time, people keep this oil as one of home remedies to heal wound, cracked skin, abdominal cramps, constipation etc.
I would recommend Calendula oil is good to have for your beauty. 🙂

So, I use this as a base oil, and put rose and geranium oils into it for my especially facial massage oil.

For a facial massage, I put one drop of each oil.

For my partner, I want him to release the stress from work and relax, and keep the skin beautiful, so I put lavender mixed oil in addition to my massage oil. 🙂

If you have any preexisting disease or pregnancy, please check any oil and do patch test before you use, or consult your medical doctor if necessarily.

Enjoy the benefit from great aroma oils. 🙂


Rose. Rose. Rose!

Rose is one of really popular flowers in the world.

Symbol of Love. 🙂

In Japan, there are many rose related products are available now, and I have tried many.

Rose water, Rose essence, Rose oil, Rose tea…..

But, it is really difficult to find good quality and reasonable products.

Rose is really good for our heart.

Reminds our heart happiness, kindness, gentleness, warmth etc….

Also, good for our skin to delay aging, moisturize and soften our skin….

So, I would like to use Rose oil and essence daily basis. 🙂

One of my recommendation is Shiseido Rosarium series.

7 types of Roses blended each products, such as facial mist, body lotion, soap etc…

I believe that you would be in Rose garden immediately as soon as you use these. 🙂