Rose. Rose. Rose!

Rose is one of really popular flowers in the world.

Symbol of Love. 🙂

In Japan, there are many rose related products are available now, and I have tried many.

Rose water, Rose essence, Rose oil, Rose tea…..

But, it is really difficult to find good quality and reasonable products.

Rose is really good for our heart.

Reminds our heart happiness, kindness, gentleness, warmth etc….

Also, good for our skin to delay aging, moisturize and soften our skin….

So, I would like to use Rose oil and essence daily basis. 🙂

One of my recommendation is Shiseido Rosarium series.

7 types of Roses blended each products, such as facial mist, body lotion, soap etc…

I believe that you would be in Rose garden immediately as soon as you use these. 🙂

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