Skincare lotion for gum?!

Friend of mine is really kind and she just gave me interesting products to maintain beautiful skin for me and my partner. 🙂

What she gave me is prescribed skincare cream contained 20 times of CoQ 10 than normal Comercial cream, and also some lotion for sensitive skin.

The lotion is safe enough to use for your gum…can you believe that??

The name of the lotion is k2cure that have Developed by Dr. Katsuta.

He has provided two types of lotions, light and enrich, and these are made by 5 main ingredients…

Green tea, corn, coconut, pulp, and water…

I will introduce each ingredient next time with some testimonials from the site. 🙂

Here is the site of the lotion but only Japanese language is available…sorry!


I am looking forward to telling about it to you! 🙂

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