We are all connected

Time flies and we are already at the end of 2022. This year has been heard to many people, and so many things have happened in this world. Some of you probably worry about your future and might devastated the situations you are in…some might have so much hopes in your future. We are different so, what stages of our lives are completely different.

The message for you from God,

“Believe in yourself. What you have been going through , whether you like it or not, is for you. Not always you walk the path easy and rosy, but the things you feel difficult, impossible etc are also gifts from God for you to stretch and mold you to become next level of you. So, not discouraged but rejoice what you are going through. It is not easy to do, but remember what you have. If you cannot remember, I remind you that you are breathing now. You are alive. You have life. If you are grateful what you have now, then, you can go through this difficult situations you are in. When you feel you cannot go through this, then, remember you are not alone. I am with you all the time. I am walking with you and support you. Call me when you are weary. Call me when you want to give up. I am with you, so do remember that. You are always protected and guided. You are precious, my child, remember that. What you are going through is not easy but not impossible to go through. You will see the light at the end of this darkness sooner than you think. Everything has time, and your new life will be revealed soon. Keep your hope and have faith. There is a reason what you are going though, so do not worry anything about your future. Your future will be brighter than you feel now.

If you feel amazing about your life now, then, keep walking with gratitude, and spread your love to the world. Count your blessings and appreciate people who walked and paved your way before you, and be proud yourself that you have achieved where you are now. I am proud of you, my child.

We are all united. You might not see in this way, but when you see everything from the above, it is all connected. Step back and see big picture, then, you will understand what you are going through and why you have things you have. “

Wish you 2023 will be fabulous year for you all!


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