Weekly message 6/20-6/29

It is full moon tonight and is called Strawberry moon since the moon is occurred in strawberry season. 🙂

And, the summer solstice is on 21st of July, so energy will be changing during the week.

And, the message for this week is good for this timing that we have to be remembered being happy is for ourselves, not for others.

Often time, people close to you like friends, family and spouse etc tell you what you want to do is not feasible, or you cannot make it, and these feedback is from their egos, old customs, their experiences.

And, many times, people just stop what they really wanna do or accomplish.

But, if you quit by what other people say, then you would regret even you would be in looks like happy conditions.

So, this week, please remember happiness is for you, and not for others.

If people around you say something about your plan or dreams, then just say thank you, and go what you wanna go.

And, if you are person who always say something to what other people want to do, then please look at your heart and ask why you always want to say something.

Then, you will find something in you.

This week, please remember what you wanna accomplish will be happening depends on whether you can believe in yourself or not.

Have a great week!!



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