Weekly message 6/13-6/19

It is so sad to hear the news in Orland.

My prayer to the victims, their families and friends, and people there.

Also, I pray that we can have safe and peaceful world some time soon.

This week, I got the message that open the door you want to.

We sometimes are hesitate to be happier, because we have some guilts, fears etc.

But, as you might feel that our life time in  this earth is not eternal.

We all at some point need to go to the different place where we call heaven.

So, please open the door to achieve what you want.

Opening door might make you scared, but, if you don’t open it, then you will never know what wonderful things God will give you.

Many of us don’t like changing, but, if the changing towards to your happiness, then please your fears of changing put aside and open it.

Remember, when you are children, then maybe you had fears and excitements at the same time.

So, please remember this changes you want to make is actually positive things.

And, please remember we are here to be happy. 🙂

Have a wonderful week!!

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