Weekly Message 1/18-1/24

We had snow today in Tokyo.

I am really amazed by this snow.

This past weekend, my friends were here from Indonesia and they said they want to see snow.

But, the weather was kind of warm, so there is no sign of snowing. But, then, the last day of their stay, actually just before they leave snow was falling down.

They were so happy and I was amazed what God gave to them.

So, what I have learned again is there is a timing and we just trust it.

God takes care of what we need.

This week, please love yourself as much as you can.

If you are tired, please take a rest, take a massage, drink a cup of tea or coffee to relax more often than you do normally.

Sending flowers to you.

Say thank to yourself.

Say sorry to yourself if you always work hard to take others.

You need more love to you.

God loves you.

Have a wonderful week!!


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