For your breathe

It is getting cold outside, isn’t it?

I think that it is also becoming Flu season….:(

I would like to prevent getting a cold, actually.

Because, I do not like it, and I already have an allergy on my nose.

So, here is the list for oils to keep you away from a cold and boost your respiratory function, and also you can feel like you are in the forest. 🙂

  • Pine oil can help to improve conditions of Asthma and bronchitis, and help to release anxiety and discouragements. Pine oil should be know as disinfectant such as effective to house germs, some types of influenza etc…
  • Thyme is well know for cooking. 🙂 but, here we can use Thyme oil as antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal action, but please use it properly. It might provide really strong sensation to your skin.
  • Eucalyptus oil has antiseptic effect. Inhaled eucalyptus oil vapor is a decongestant and treatment for bronchitis.

You can use these oils for your bath time to drop 2-3 each oils into bathtub. Also, you vapor these oil when you relaxing, and if you would like to use these oils directly to you then, please use career oil, such as Jojoba oil, with the oils.

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