Beauty from Within


Many people seek ways to keep their beauty, and make them more beautiful.

Now think of many cosmetics companies what they offer us these days.

Skincare products for oily and sensitive skins, anti-aging, brightening, eye care , lip care, body care, eye shadows, lip colors, etc….

A lot! lol

I cannot count them all, actually.

And now, many cosmetics companies also offer supplements  to boost your beauty from inside.

For example, vitamin C is to help growth and repairing your tissues in your body. 🙂

So, what those companies offer is protect your skin from external factors such as  UV , dust etc, and internally, some vitamins and minerals to help our body’s functions work properly.

So, here what I would like to tell you that also internal factors to keep and create your own beauty; foods and mind.

But, do not worry that I really like foods called junk foods. 🙂 and also sweets, so, I will not tell like we should only eat organic foods. 😛

As for mind, I believe we should keep our mind also beautiful to reflect it to outside of your body.

So, I will introduce stress release things, way of thinking or so here…

One thing, always I do is thank myself and my partner with lots of love. 🙂




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