We all have different soul plans

Our life is gift from God. The life we have and live is based on what our soul wants to have, enjoy and learn. The plan we have is planned before we were born, and we keep it in our soul, but not remember our physical level to maximum our experiences on this earth with your body.

If I say so, then, you might have questions that so our life is already decided, the answer is yes and no.

What your soul wants to experience is in your soul plan, but how is you can choose along with your life if you wish. That is why people say our life is like a movie or a book, and you are the author of your book.

Our life on this earth with your body is limited. You will not have exact same life in the future life, and at this moment, there are around 8 billion people on this earth, and all of us, each one of us has different soul plan. There is no exact same plan exist.

This is why you are unique. We all unique human being, because we are all different. We have all different soul plans.

But, we do not remember this, and we struggle to compare our life to others, worry about our future too much etc. And, these are also what we need to learn from our life and realize we are all different and we can create our own life.

So, live your life, because the life you have now is only for you and not for others. Your happiness, sadness, disappointment, joys, angers etc are all for you. Please remember you are unique.