Weekly Message 10/21-10/27

Halloween is almost there.

This is a time to the veil between here and there is becoming really thin.

We can easily connect to the other side of our world to talk with ancestors.

The message I got for this week is quite timely for this time of the year.

“Pay attention signs the universe sending to you”

When we don’t have any clue about our life, we tend to find some answers or directions.

Usually, we already know the answer for our questions, yet, we still search outside.

Well, it is ok.

We are human being.

We live here to learn having faith and enjoy unknown.

But, our angels and God are kind enough to send messages and signs for our questions.

Maybe you overhear something at restaurant or cafe.

Maybe you see billboard.

Probably, your friends tell something.

Could be in a book you are reading


We just ignore these things usually.

But, if you see or hear over and over same things, then, stop and think.

This is the sign that the Universe sending some message to you.

So, pay attention what you hear and see this week.

You might receive many things from the Universe or your ancestors.

Have a lovely week!!

Weekly Message 10/24-11/6

Here we will have second new moon this week, and it is called black moon!

And, yes Halloween is coming, too!

If you enjoy Halloween or not, please look up the sky to see the black moon.

And please remember, we are here in this world to be happy.

If you feel you are not happy now, then, just tell yourself that you have done a lot and work really hard, and decide to be happy NOW.

Not when you have ideal job, or not when you have ideal house or partner or whatever you feel you need for you to be happy.

You need to decide you are happy at this moment, then rest will be following you.

So, chin up and look at the sky, and say to yourself that you are happy now and smile. 

Have a beautiful week!