Being Better or Being Different?

In this competitive world, people tend to want to be better than others.

Want to have better job, better salary, better house, better position, better something something.

But, this never ends.

If we care about being better than anyone, or anything, then we will be never satisfied.

Because, there are many better than something in our life.

This is why people always run without taking break from their life race.

Some might be realized when they get sick, or when they lose something or someone, but we hope we don’t have this kind of experience.

So, stop trying to be better than someone else now.

What we need is that we need being different.

This is what we supposed to be, and what God created each one of us.

We are different, and accept everything we have even you do not like them, because they are also who you are.

If we can accept that everyone is different, then we can stop competing to others, and have more peaceful mind.

If you still want to being better, then be better self than yesterday of yourself.

Everyone is different.

This is the reason we are here.

If we were like body parts, then we need eyes, brain, fingers, mouth etc…

We don’t need more than two eyes in one person.

Our body needs everything that work different things to make one body work as a team.

So, think about yourself as a body part and think what your strengths, what you really like etc.

Then, you will understand that how you are wonderful person as you are, and you do not have to compete to prove yourself that you are better than someone else.

So, be different instead of being better than others.