Weekly Message 3/20-3/26

It was my birthday on 19th, and am so lucky that I have so many friends all over the world to make my birthday special. 🙂

I had conversation with my friend and we talked about how our life is amazing and miracle.

Because, many baby cannot be born, and even born, then, some of them cannot live with many reasons.

Getting old might not be so happy like maybe you get lots of linkles, gain weight, get disease, etc…

But, still living in this life is amazing.

It is not easy to realize most of the time, however, if you can appreciate and enjoy every moment, then, your life will be changing amazingly.

So, please appreciate and cerabrate your life now.

Spring is the time to bloom.

Have a lovely week!

Weekly Message 4/4-4/10

Take back your power! 

This is the message I got for this week for you.

Changing season, changing environment etc make you feel weak sometimes.

But, remember you are the powerful person and you have to remember it.

Sometimes, it is not easy to remember it, and just want to give up everything you have, but you have your power, and waiting for you to realize and use.

So, take a deep breath when you feel weak, or lost etc, then remember who you are, and you have a power.

You are amazing and beautiful. 

Please remember these things whenever you can.

Have a awesome week!!