Weekly Message 5/1-5/7

It is May from today. 🙂 

I feel many people started or will start something soon.

Before that, we wanna release unnecessary staff from your heart.

I saw really big heart when I asked Message for this week, and it said many people got hurt by many reasons, like from diseases, from conflicts or situations you are in etc.

So, imagine big heart like balloon and imagine the heart comes into your heart.

Then, tell your heart “I will be healed” till the words are changed to “I am healed”

Because, you will be healed from all of the pains you have experienced. 

Healing is a journey.

So, it might take a time, but believe in yourself that you will be healed.

This week, whenever you find a time, please try to do this work to heal your heart and nurture yourself.

Have a wonderful week!

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