Weekly Message 4/10-4/16

It will be full moon on 11th, and called Pink Moon. 

It is not that we can see pink color moon, but every month full moon has name, and pink moon is named after pink flowers. 🙂

Pink color is good for all of us to low feminine side of us that we all have. ( even, you are male. :)) 

Feminine side is receiveing. 

Such as receiving love, receiving good things etc. 

So, we all have balanced feminine side and masclunine side in us.

If we do not balanced, then, we always like giving to others, too aggressive to everything etc.

So, if you think you are not good at receiving something good thing etc, then you might want to have something pink in your room, clothes etc to remind your feminine energy.

And this is the message for this week.

Feel, recognize and balance your feminine energy.

Feminine energy is not weak.

Again, we all need this energy in us to receive and nurture ourselves.

And, it is good time to balance your energy this week.

If you feel your feminine energy is stronger than masculine energy, then, try that you decided something or you lead something.

Both energy needs to be felt by you.

But, especially this week, your feminine energy wants you to feel it.

Have a beautiful week!!

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