Weekly message 12/7-12/13

Here we are now in December.

Last month of year. 🙂

This week, please remember who you are and you are the creator of your life no matter what other people or authorities say about you and your life.

Here we are in the month of refrecting what we have done this year and what we waana do from next year.

So, when you think about these things, you might feel what you have done is not enough to  reach your goals yet, but you will see how far you come when you decide you are the creator of your life. 

Don’t give your handle to others to drive your life or pen to write your life.

It is ok how fast you can walk, don’t worry about others and what others say.

You are the always precious one for you and for your loved ones.

Please remember you are the creator of your life.

Have a beautiful week!!

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