Be the light

I just completed Visionary Intuitive Healing Level 1 course this month.
Energy healing is kind if popular in Japan now and many people claim they are a healer.
But, what I can see is being real healer is sometimes difficult, because we all have ego, and some people use their power to not heal them, but traumatize.
Same thing happens in everywhere, society, company, school, etc…
Power game.
But, if you really want to heal, lead or maximize strengths, then be the light for them.
I am a Christian and was told that if people do not believe God, then show them God through you.
So, if you want to heal people, just be a pipe for healing energy, if you want to lead people, then show them how to work, if you want to maximize your staff members’ strengths, then show and tell them what their strength to maximize.
We all have ego, but when we forget about our own ego, I do believe we can see something different.
Just be the light. 🙂



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