BB Cream, CC Cream…

In the cosmetics market now, BB cream is really hot.

Originally formulated in Germany to cover patient’s scars, and started being blockbuster product as a cosmetic product from Korean cosmetics market, and has been popular in Asian market.

Since last year, major cosmetics companies follow this trend, and now BB cream is popular everywhere.

What is BB cream?

BB stands for blemish balm, and BB cream is all-in-one product. 🙂

And, now after BB cream’s big hit in the market, some cosmetics companies have launched CC cream that stands for color control, and also all-in-one.

I have not yet tried CC cream, but some consumers have found CC cream has lighter texture than BB cream.

Yes, BB cream has heavy texture. 🙂

As a consumer, it is really good to have some options 0f easy and high functional products for daily skincare.

I am now looking forward to seeing next product of CC cream. 🙂


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