Beauty and myself

I contributed the article to my friend’s women’s site.

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The article is written in Japanese and English.

Here is the English version of the article.

It has been 7 years since I graduated from Hult international Business School in 2005 to obtain MBA. I love cosmetics, so that after I graduated I worked for a cosmetics company in NYC as an assistant marketing manager for global products and worked with globally well-known makeup artists and photographers. After I came back to Japan in 2008, I worked at marketing departments at a magazine and cosmetics companies, and all related to women. Now, I am a freelancer to mainly conducting medical marketing research in Japan, marketing consulting, and writing a beauty blog to encourage women to find their own beauty from my experience.
So, what is beauty?
I think that the beauty is when people accept what they have, love, and keep peace in their minds always, naturally comes up from within. I believe that cosmetics are one of the ways to help it. I had an opportunity to visit a facility for Alzheimer patients in CA, most of female elder patients who could not remember what they did and they were, but worn beautiful dresses, and makeup on their faces. In addition, there are volunteer works to go to care homes to provide doing makeup. So, I believe that cosmetics are magical tools to assist women to feel alive and expressing femininity.
However, even though we have such a wonderful tool, if we do not have any beauty from within, we might feel unsatisfaction. I have heard that the face shows how to live their life age by age. In 10S’ and 20S’, people are beautiful without doing anything because they are young, but after that the face would change what kind life they have. Actually, when I am busy or in rush, I have lines between eyebrows. I have mirror on my desk because I worked on cosmetics, so sometimes I see myself in the mirror, then find my face is awful. This might be one of the obvious examples of showing up my inside world. Many of them also have this kind of experience, I think.
I have three things that I always in mind in order to act up beauty from within. The first, live my life actively, second, I am as I am, and lastly be thankful.
Live my life actively. This is not I always have to do something, but it means that I always do not have any limitation on me, and doing what I like and I am interested. Enjoy my life, and live actively. So, I try to find funny, enjoyable, or interesting things in my daily life. This is not necessary to be a big thing, but I try to find any small things or just surprising things in my whole things.

I am as I am. It seems to be easy, but actually little bit difficult to be as I am truly. Live life honestly to me, not disguises myself, and accepts and live I am as I am. Every person is different, and this is the truth of our world, and believe and should know everyone has own strengths, should not compare with other people, but accept myself just as I am.

Be thankful. Always appreciate what I have now, and where I am now. It also seems simple and easy but I think it is also difficult thing, yet first be thankful myself in any situation. At least once a day, say thank you to myself as I always work hard for me.
These three things are always in my mind. It is really easy to say, but doing these would be sometimes difficult, but I would like to live my life with lots of thankfulness to myself who always live with and for me and my partner who always support my life to be as I am.
So, what is your beauty?

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