Weekly Message for 11/4 to 11/10

This November started with Mercury retrograde.

You might already know that this is a good time to reflect and look at your life or plans to reassess.

And, you might have opportunities to meet your old friends. So, enjoy!

Just remember communication, transportation, and electronics might be affected by Mercury retrograde, so communicate clearly more than usual, have plenty of time to commute or trip before appointments, and backup your data.

Then, you will be able to enjoy Mercury Retrograde till November 20/21!

And, the message for this week is “what you can accomplish is things you already dreamed of.”

Do you want to accomplish some things?

You don’t know what it is now?

Then, start dreaming!

You have some visions before you accomplish some things.

If you don’t have dreams or visions, you don’t have goals.

So, if you feel stuck or no passions for your life now, then, start dreaming.

If it is difficult or still not coming up anything, then, remember what you wanted to be or wanted to do in your childhood or before you start what you do now.

Remember it is a good time to look at your past.

You might find some treasures in your past.

So, find some.

And, dream about it.

Have vision about it.

Enjoy your life again with some passions that you might lose, or helping stress you get from daily life.

You are the screenwriter for your movie and you are the main character of the movie.

What kind of story you want to create for you?

Start dreaming now!

Have a beautiful week!

Weekly Message 2/13-2/19

Valentine’s Day is here this week, and hope you present your love to your loved ones. 🙂

Do not take them for granted. 

Building trust is hard, but losing is easy.

So, hope you always show your love and appreciations to your special ones.

This includes yourself. 

Life is like movie, and you write your script as main character.

Other people are helping your movie to fun, miserable, happier, darker etc depend on what you wanna see in your movie.

Even people who you don’t like or always irritate you make your movie colorful in some ways.

So, please appreciate everyone in your movie this week.

If you can see every people in that way and give your love, then, I believe your movie will be blooming.

Show your love and appreciation to everyone in your life including yourself this week. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Blue Moon

 Appreciate yourself more, and you will know how much other people appreciate who you are. 

Everything is coming from you, if so, what do you wanna see in your world? 

You are the main cast in your life.

Write your story with love, joy and happiness.

Have a great blue moon. 🙂