Happy 2021!

Happy New Year! Wish you wonderful and amazing 2021.

2020 was transitioning time for all of us including our earth and this transition is still continue. I understand we all tired, but, we are here to witness what is happening in this world and on the earth.

So, please see the big picture in 2021 whenever you feel tired or depressed etc. Our life goes on whatever happens in this world. What do you want to have in your life? Joy, love, happiness, warmth, security, peace etc, list can go on…

It is a always good time to set your intention on the first day of a year. So, imagine what you want feel this year and feel them in advance. It is said that when we pray to God, we pray as if it is already here with you. So, feel the emotions you want to feel this quite different time of our earth. You want to say it is not easy to do that, but, we can try.

And, self love is also the key for this time to live bit smoother.

Our life on earth is temporary and all of our souls here now chose to live this transitioning time. So, use this for your growth. 2021 is totally new year for you.

Some key words for 2021 are “Be brave. Be calm. Be bold. and, Be you.”

Happy New Year!

Message for 2017

Happy New Year!

Wishing you heathy and bright 2017!

We are still in Mercury retrograde period, so even we start new year, but you might still solve some old issues. 

But, it will end some time soon. 

Just be open to solutions that God gives you.

Message I got for this year is Love is everything you need to solve all of the problems you have now.

Well, you might not have any problem now, then, lucky you!

But, please keep this in mind this year.

Love is Everything you need.

If you wonder how your life will be this year, then, always choose love this year.

We all need Love and love is always with you.

Please do not hesitate to say I love you to yourself as well as to your loved ones.

Happy 2017!