Let go-message of new moon

Do you have any attachment with anything?
It is not necessary to be possessions.
It might be feeling, fears, old emotions, beliefs etc…

You might believe you are not capable for what you wanna do.
You might believe you are not smart enough.
You might still have sadness from past experiences…

We sometimes really believe what people tell about you, or continue to believe what you felt in your childhood or from experiences of being in harsh circumstances…
But, if you feel, you want to change and these are no longer serve you, then just let them go…
You do not need to attach on anything you do not want to keep.
You just let them go, and change your perceptions toward what you have seen.
It might be difficult at the beginning, but when you decide you let them go, you will be able to do that.

Everything is coming from inside of you.
Love yourself and understand who you really are.

It is new moon and solar eclipse today, so I got this message for you. 🙂