Weekly message 8/8-8/14

This week starts from Lions Gate opening.

This is the time to acceralate asencion.

This gateway is open till August 12th.

So, this week is big special for everyone, I think. 

The message for you this week is : clear your energy.

We are all created by energy.

All we have in this world is energy and we always keep these energy clean.

Especially, in this week, the gate is open, so that there are many chance to clear what you don’t need anymore.

Be aware what is no longer serve you and what you need from now.

These might be thought, beliefs, way of thinking, attitude and behavior.

When you realize these unnecessary stuff, and when you can let them go, then, you will find and can have new stuff.

August is still summer but also we can feel Fall sometimes, so prepare your summer to blossom in Fall. 
Have a beautiful week!