The Secret Language of Your Body -Inna Segal

Do you talk with your body?
Many of you have heard that we store our emotions in our bodies, and this cause so many diseases and uncomfortable symptoms.

Imagine when you are stressed out and your stomach starts having pain.
If you continue to under stress and then you might have a stomach ulcer.
We all know these things, but we are too busy to take care of ourselves or just do not care about our bodies, believe you do not get any diseases etc…

From the book “The secret language of your body”, we can learn how to communicate our bodies, and find what might cause, and how to heal.

The author also has workshops that you can learn and how to apply the method daily basis.

Just open your heart, and take a little time for you.
Our bodies always send some messages to us. 🙂


The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness


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