Spring 2014-Dior Trianon

I know it is still cold and thank to Polar Vortex that we had amazingly cold and could see beautiful unusual nature, such as frozen Niagara Falls…

But, it is January and we can find so many products for spring everywhere.
This time, I would like to introduce Dior Trianon Spring 2014.
The collection is inspired by  Marie-Antoinette’s Petit Trianon.

I picked 2 nail colors, Porcelain and Bloom that make nails blossoming.

Hope your winter season is becoming warmer with this. 🙂

20140111-195645.jpgDior nails spring 2014_2Dior nails spring 201452cc2f490422652cbe3b91a26e52cbe3b9d3f6052cbe3b9a2b4252cbe3b9c37f0

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