Organic cafe in Tokyo

Ok, I am not vegetarian but as I mentioned I want to eat vegetables a lot…:)
And of course, I want to make delicious vegetable meals to my partner. 🙂

So, I go to any restaurants, I enjoy the meals and try to get an idea for my cooking.

Here is an organic cafe you can eat lots of vegetables and macrobiotic cake for your break. 🙂

Dorobushi Kitchen at FANCL Square in Ginza.

The building has an organic restaurant at 9th floor named Dorobushi.

These restaurant and cafe are owned by FANCL, a cosmetics company that provides the concept of beauty from within.
So, if you go to FANCL square in Ginza, you can eat organic foods and buy cosmetics at the same time.

There are some cosmetics companies have restaurants in Tokyo.
I will tell you some of them in near future. 🙂


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