Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
It is the second day of the new year today.
Hope everybody has blessed year 2013!

I joined meditation session the end of last year, and many of the people attended said 2012 was clearing year.
As you might know about Mayan calendar, and some other stories about changing dimensions on this earth.
Year 2012 was the preparation year to enter new world, according to many spiritual people.

Well, for me it is good to clear my heart and mind always to be healthy.
Old emotions should be cleared when the emotions occurred.
However, people usually keep them in their mind, and it is caused of diseases and unbalanced mind.
So, I do recommend to clear all of your emotions which you are not happy about whenever you have chance. 🙂

And, I believe this is really good step to live this moment fully. Not live in the past or the future.

Living now is the key to have good life. 🙂

Have a blessed 2013!

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